• i will be graduating from university in nine days.  the thought of graduation always seemed so far away in my mind and now that it’s going to be a reality, it feels so surreal.
  • i’ve been listening to AM by arctic monkeys on constant repeat.  ”i wanna be yours,” anyone?
  • shanene and i have been working really hard on freckled.  our spring issue was released about a month ago and we’re hoping to get the summer issue out either tonight or tomorrow.  
  • p.s. would any of you be interested in buying future issues if we went to print?
  • i am falling more and more in love with murakami’s writing.  i finished 1Q84 a couple weeks ago and now, i’m onto the wind up bird chronicle.  
  • how have you been?
  • i am going to NYC in september.  if any of you guys have any recommendations for places i should visit, please let me know!
  • also, i have no idea where i should stay.
  • i’m going to see the national in september
  • and then cocorosie in october
  • and then i graduate in november

the next few months are going to be great.

18th Century Copenhagen Apartment with old time charm. 
"With my eyes turned to the past, I walk backwards into the future."
— Yohji Yamamoto 

i should live in salt // the national

by yewon kim

i’m sorry i’ve been absent for quite sometime, but things have been going really, really well.

  • i am now done with school forever (i finished two weeks ago?)
  • i just have to wait ‘till november to graduate and receive my BA!
  • my boyfriend and i celebrated our one year anniversary last week
  • christoph waltz apparently came into my workplace the other day, but our security guard refused him, because it was past closing. 
  • dallas green sat at the table next to my friends and i at brunch the other day
  • shanene and i have been working extra hard on the spring issue of freckled, and if things go well enough, it should be out in a week or two!  and yes, i realize that it’s summer already.
  • i’ve been meeting lots of interesting people lately who are super passionate about things.  i just want to surround myself with these people 24/7.

i honestly haven’t been happier.